Male Balding

The Key Factors Behind Most Forms of Male Balding

So, you"ve gotten to the point where your male balding is causing a number of problems for you cosmetically and you"re wondering what might be causing it - or maybe you have a genetic predisposition to male balding and you want to know what you may be facing in the future if you things progress as expected. Either way, your scalp will undergo a massive change when male balding starts, all driven by a reaction in your body that can be slowed or even stopped under the right circumstances.

What Causes Male Balding?

Male balding in almost 92% of all men with normal health is caused by an overreaction in the body to your own testosterone. There is a genetic link between the reaction and those who suffer from it more than others. What happens is that your testosterone starts to interact with 5AR, an enzyme that naturally occurs in your body.

However, in the case of male balding, these two chemicals overreact to each other and eventually start to create a third chemical hormone in the form of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The resultant hormone will then attach itself to your hair follicles" androgen receptors and start to cause a series of problems, reducing the amount of nutrients that can get to your follicles, stopping the growth cycle and killing hair. If left to proceed, this process can turn into male balding where your follicles will fall out altogether.

If you let that happen, you hair can never be regrown, short of actually having new follicles transplanted into your scalp where they can grow. Male balding is not an instant process though. You get a bit of time to react to the reactions and to make sure that the DHT does not permanently damage your roguish good looks in a way that you cannot fix.

Finding the Right Solution

Finding a solution to male balding starts with knowing what your body needs. Medications are known for decent effectiveness in male balding cases, but many of them also come with a slew of side effects such as testosterone problems and sexual dysfunction, both things no man wants to deal with. So, a great option and one that will surely be more welcome to anyone suffering from male balding is Procerin, a natural remedy to male baldness that doesn"t come with any adverse side effects and that works dynamically with your body to both block DHT and stimulate hair regrowth.

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