Male Balding Products

Comparing Male Balding Products

These days there are so many different male balding products that it can be very difficult to wade through the necessary advertising in order to know whether or not you are using a product that is going to be effective at treating your hair loss. Most male balding products promise quick and effective results, because if they said "it will take a long time and may not work" they would not get any business. You cannot simply look at a sales page and know whether or not you are getting an effective product. Rather, you need to review the ingredients of the male balding products in order to check to see whether or not the product you are using is based on real science.

Natural Treatments

Ignoring medicines for a while, since medicines like Rogaine have far too many side effects to be effective, the only way to treat hair loss that is not a medicine is to use effective and natural male balding products. There are thousands of these available, so make sure you look for these ingredients:

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto effectively prevents the creation of Dihydrotestosterone from being created, so that you can ensure that you are creating less and less DHT over time, allowing your hairs to start receiving the nutrients that they had been unable to receive earlier. Saw Palmetto is the most effective natural supplement there is, so any natural male balding products that do not contain it are likely not very effective.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola, like Saw Palmetto, ensures that DHT is not created in such high quantities. Gotu kola, however, simply prevents the enzyme that helps created DHT from getting created. It is less effective than Saw Palmetto on its own, but combined with the other powerful herb the two make quite an impressive natural supplement team.

If you are looking for male balding products, you want to look for those two ingredients in order to know exactly whether or not the natural product you are choosing is going to work. Or you can simply go and purchase Procerin. Procerin is the leading natural hair loss product for men, using 14 different effective ingredients to ensure that you are able to stop your hair loss before it gets out of hand and effectively prevent male pattern baldness from continuing. Procerin is the only safe and natural way to treat your hair loss effectively.

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