Female Balding

What Can Cause Female Balding?

While many women tend to think that balding is a problem that only men need to worry about, in reality female balding is something that nearly 40% of women need to deal with at some point before they turn 40 and that means that many women experience thinning or balding of some kind as early as their teens and early twenties. However, female balding can be treated and stopped if you know what causes and what your body needs to combat the effects.

What Causes Female Balding?

The root causes of female balding can lie in any number of different places within the body. Because so many hormones pass through the body on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, female balding can be a result of everything from a general hormonal imbalance to child birth to a thyroid problem. The exact root cause of female balding is often hard to pinpoint, but what it generally comes down to is that the hair has become weak.

Often times this shows up in the face that women don"t lose their hair in great big patches like men, but instead get thinner, weaker hair that will grow in to replace the nearly 100-200 hairs per day that a woman will lose. The result is an overall thinner head of hair that will eventually begin to show patches of scalp - the root of female balding.

Combating Female Balding

To combat female balding, you need to treat a wide array of issues, but mostly the health of the hair is important. This can be done by supplementing with a wide array of vitamins and proteins that will help to make healthier, stronger hair. Additionally, you should have a good shampoo or topical ointment that will help to remove the sebum that builds up and restricts hair growth. This can be done with a number of herbal supplements that all work together to create a healthier, more effective head of hair.

Another highly effective and generally healthy way to boost your hair"s health and block female balding is to implement the use of a product like Sephren. Using a combination of a pill that contains a number of proteins and vitamin supplements, Sephren combats female balding with a topical as well to keep the head clean and promote healthy hair growth. If you are experiencing thinning or unhealthy hair, check out what your options are today with Sephren.

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