Female Balding Treatment

How to Treat Female Balding?

We all know that men and women differ in hundreds of different ways. Yet another one of those ways is when it comes to male and female balding. While male hair loss occurs in some very specific areas of the scalp, such as the sides of the head, female balding can occur almost anywhere. In many ways, it is not even balding at all. Female balding is really just hair thinning that has thinned to such a degree that it appears as though there is no hair remaining, but in reality the hairs are simply very, very small and very thin.

Causes of Female Balding

Female balding is caused by a far different process than male hair loss. With male hair loss, the overproduction of a hormone in the body causes hair follicles to not receive nutrients, which makes it difficult to help the hairs grow correctly. But with female balding, the cause is actually much simpler - hormone problems (not related to the same hormone problems that affect male hair loss) make it far more difficult for the body to process amino acids. Thus less nutrients are created in your body and your hairs are not able to grow as healthy. As the hairs start to grow smaller and smaller (due to their lack of health), they start to appear as though they are no longer there, resulting in what appears to be female baldness.

Treating Female Baldness

Treating female baldness has to do with making sure that you are able to get the amino acids your hair needs into your follicles. The only way to do that, when your body is unable to complete process itself, is to start taking a nutritional supplement that will give your hair the nutrition that it needs to grow stronger.

Treating female baldness is much easier than treating male hair loss in terms of what is specifically needed to get hair growing again, but both of them need special supplements in order to make sure that your hair receives what it needs to reverse the hair loss. With male hair loss, the best thing to do is to start using a product like Procerin, which helps decrease the levels of the hormone that your body is overproducing. With female baldness, you need to take a similar product known as Sephren that gives your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow your hair again.

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