Balding Solutions

Male pattern balding can be a nightmare for many men, and finding balding solutions that don't have more side effects than their worth can be difficult. Since androgenetic alopecia starts when your body's testosterone creates the byproduct hormone DHT, which attacks hair follicles, some of the treatments for male pattern baldness will affect testosterone in a way that ends up causing sexual side effects. Doing the research necessary to find an answer to balding that doesn't involve a pile of unwelcome problems is possible, however, if you know where to look.

Options That Provide Balding Solutions

Prescription Drugs - Prescription drugs can offer trustworthy balding solutions for the majority of men suffering from male pattern baldness, but that remedy comes with a cost. Since prescription medications for male balding tend to work by reacting to testosterone before it has a chance to transform into the DHT that causes hair loss, men who take these prescription treatments usually experience a range of sexual side effects that can end up robbing you of your ability to enjoy intimacy. For this reason, many men faced with the option of prescription drugs opt to avoid this choice and its negative repercussions.

Natural Solutions - The right natural treatments can provide the same level of help that prescription balding solutions offer without any of the negative side effects that come from blocking testosterone production. Look for a natural balding remedy that contains ingredients designed to block the DHT itself instead of the testosterone used to create DHT. Look for a natural system that offers both a topical solution and a pill based answer to make sure you're coming at your DHT production from as many different angles as possible. With the right help, a natural answer can provide all the benefits of a prescription with none of the side effects that might damage your love life.

Natural Balding Solutions Can Help

Natural balding solutions like Procerin provide all of the benefits of the best prescription drugs without any of the unwanted sexual side effects simply by blocking DHT directly instead of changing the way testosterone acts in your system. Through using a natural hair loss help system that doesn't actually effect your testosterone production, your body should be able to stop any hair loss you are experiencing without any unwanted effects or dangerous issues later on. Natural treatments can even help your body regrow some of the hair you've lost, to help you regain the head of hair you had before you started experiencing the first signs of thinning hair.

Procerin uses a full spectrum approach that provides both a topical solution to block DHT and encourage hair growth right away and a natural supplement designed to block DHT within your body and help you grow more hair over time. Procerin has the ingredients necessary to outperform many other other balding solutions without the dangers of taking a prescription. The success rate for men who treat male pattern balding with Procerin is so high that you can get your first 90 day supply with a risk free offer.

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