Balding Remedies

The Many Types of Balding Remedies

Over the past several centuries, several different types of balding remedies have been created. At first, all you could do was go to some type of "witch doctor" that would pray near your scalp, rub some strange herbs on your head, and wait - hoping that you"ll see some type of results that will get you tell your friends that their balding remedies work.

After some years past, these methods evolved into using natural ingredients to help reverse your hair loss. The resulting balding remedies were considerably safer than some of the remedies that people use today, but there was no way to effectively test whether not they were working.

Centuries later they ended up finding chemicals that can treat your hair loss. Originally most of these chemicals actually did not work. They would work for only about 40% of the people that took them. Then, when steadying blood pressure medication, some scientists found that a chemical that they had created to lower blood pressure was somehow getting men"s hair to start growing back. It was not designed to become one of the balding remedies, but it seemed to be so effective than many people the world over began using it.

However, as is often the case with unnatural chemicals that have been created in a lab - especially a chemical that was not designed to treat hair loss, the chemical balding remedies, while effective, ended up causing a number of different side effects that make them less ideal for regular use.

The problem with this is that in today"s society manmade chemicals are so highly valued that few people know what to do instead of using these chemicals for their balding remedies.

The answer to this question may actually be to go back to the roots of balding remedies and start taking a natural supplement based on the herbs that people use to use several centuries ago.

As chemical balding remedies began to be created, so too was the ability to test them accurately in order to find out if they are actually working. Now we finally know which of the herbs that the witch doctors in the herbalists use to swear by are actually effective balding remedies. What has been found is that there are balding remedies that have been used in China for centuries that are just as effective as the chemicals but contain none of the side effects that make the chemicals unusable.

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