Balding Hair

Men who know they have a family history of male pattern balding are often looking for the first signs of balding hair. Doing the research necessary to have a plan of action as soon as you notice hair thinning can increase your chances of stopping the conditions progress before you have significant balding that will make hair hard or impossible to regrow. With the right help, a balding head doesn't need to be a long term concern for you no matter how the rest of your family experienced their own loss of hair.

Options for Dealing with Balding Hair

Prescription Drugs - Prescription drug treatments for male pattern balding are reasonably effective now, though that effectiveness comes at a heavy cost in side effects. Prescription balding remedies generally affect the way testosterone works to stop the production of a hormone called DHT, which causes hair loss in men. Unfortunately, since testosterone is being affected directly many men who take prescription hair loss treatments end up with uncomfortable and unwanted sexual side effects that are difficult to deal with.

Cosmetic Changes - For some men, the easiest answer to balding is simple cosmetic alterations that will keep you looking the way you want to look. Hair implants and hair pieces can be a reasonable solution for someone who experiences serious trouble or personal discomfort due to the loss of hair once balding has been happening long enough to show significant amounts of scalp. Some men may also simply decide they are comfortable with the appearance of being bald and shave their head for a uniform look until hair loss has leveled in the characteristic pattern.

Natural Solutions - For men who want to try to keep their hair without the dangerous side effects of prescription options, there are natural balding hair treatments that can help. The best natural answers fight balding hair by blocking DHT directly, without touching the testosterone in your system. Through this approach, natural solutions are able to stop hair loss without creating the sexual side effects common with prescription treatments. Most natural hair loss help products come with no side effects at all, and are perfectly safe to use.

Choose a Natural Balding Hair Solution

Look for a balding solution like Procerin, which is designed with both an internal and external element that can block DHT and keep your hair where it should be. With regular application over a few months, this style of natural solution has been proven to provide a noticeable improvement in about 88% of those who are dealing with male pattern baldness. Procerin can provide these results with absolutely none of the side effects you deal with when using prescription drugs. You can try the Procerin two part system risk free for 90 days to find out if you are one of the 88% that will notice a halt to balding hair and possibly even new hair growth. Simply go to to find out more information or get your trial started.

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